Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please scroll down to previous posts for new pics of my beautiful grandsons, and family! Enjoy these pics of my bird friends!

Jim has started feeding Birds right outside our kitchen window. They are so beautiful, pleasurable to watch and fun to photograph!

Easter 2011 and more!

^Easter 2011 - we are matching eggs!^

^ Four wheeler fun with my son and grandson.^
(Dustin and Ethan)

^Brody loves to chow down on corn on the cob!^

^Our three amigos after Easter egg hunt 2011.^

^Jim, Ethan, Brody and Kay at the Bryant Library.^

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snow fell then Spring

What crazy weather we have in Arkansas! We had a huge snowfall, then a few days later we were high 70's. We joined Amber's family sledding in their new neighborhood. Then last weekend we took Amber and Ethan to Wye Mountain for the daffodil bloom festival. Thank you Lord for my sweet husband, our great family and your beautiful spring flowers!