Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jim bathed, fed and put Ethan to bed!

Jim gave Ethan his bath tonight at Amber's house, then gave him his night feeding before putting him to bed. He has been a very hands on PaPa, just as he was a hands on Daddy! Amber loves to watch us play with Ethan and we love to play with Ethan. He has two sets of doting grands. Randy's parents kept him last night while they went to a movie. Jim and Ronnie (Randy's Dad) spend part of every conversation bragging on what they did with Ethan recently. It get's very competitve sharing one little grandson!

The Day Before my Last Day of Work

Friday is my last day before I go on leave from work! I am so ready to be a housewife for a little while. I know that I will need to start looking for another job soon because of health insurance, but that's OK. I plan to go by and spend with Mother at the NH each day and make sure she is well cared for.

Tonight after work, we watched Ethan crawl for the first time! He warms my heart every time I see him. It stirs those memories of when Amber and Dustin were babies. I kept him all day on Sat. while Amber took their SS class to the lake. He did great and I loved every minute of it.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ethan and KayKay

Amber brought Ethan to my office last week and they made my day. I wish I could spend more time with Ethan and Amber. He is growing so fast!

Sat Aug 12, 2006

Working from home today. Must leave this alone now and pay some bills. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!